List in chronological order of published scientific research work performed by the founder.


Studies of corrosion kinetics on electrical contact materials by means of quartz crystal microbalance and XPS.
S. Zakipour C. Leygraf and G. Portnoff. Journal of the Electrochemistry Society, 1986, 133, (5), 873-876
Test oscillator for study of drive level dependence of quartz crystals. 
Lindberg, L., Portnoff, G. Frequency Control Symposium, 1994. 48th., Proceedings of the 1994 IEEE International Frequency Control
Symposium p 273-280

Compressional waves generated by thickness shear resonators in a surrounding gas.
Portnoff, G.,  Mecea, V. ; Lindberg L.Frequency Control Symposium, 1996. 50th., Proceedings of the 1996 IEEE International. Frequency Control 
Symposium p 550-557


Internal stress in sputtered gold electrodes and its significance for quartz resonators.
Thornell, G. Ericson, Fredric ; Portnoff, G. Frequency and Time Forum, 1999 and the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium, 1999., Proceedings of the 1999 Joint Meeting of the European  (Volume:2 ) p 800-803

Ion beam analysis of sputter-deposited gold films for quartz resonators.
H. Bergsåker, L. Ilyinsky and G. Portnoff. Surface and Interface Analysis 30 p 620-622, 2000





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