With roots from research collaboration with several well know universities back in the 1990’s in Sweden,

Quartz Pro developed an advanced concept of high performance Quartz Crystal production line with support from CTH in Gothenburg.

The production line was designed and built in Linköping at LiTH. Royal Institute of Technology, KTH aided in support of the special thin film deposition technology. Uppsala University, UU contributed in the analysis of thin film properties that constitutes the electrodes deposited onto the major surfaces of the Quartz Crystal.

The work led to a unique and patented production system that produces high performance Quartz Crystals with world class low aging characteristics.





Located 20 km north west of Stockholm in Sweden in custom made clean room facilities for the crystal production and advanced test facilities for the oscillator testing we are lined up to meet your needs for Quartz Crystals, Crystal Oscillators and QCM sensors at competitive prices and short lead times.





We envision to strengthening our position as an important business partner for market leaders through the use of our know-how, high performance technology and products. In a market of fierce competition yet in constant need for improved performance in combination with lower cost we will focus on needs for solutions that will make a difference.





Our customers are world leaders in their market segments like Tele- and Data-communication and QCM sensors. We are devoted to customer satisfaction and quality, support and deliveries. We value long term cooperation.





Our production capacity of Crystal Oscillators is limited by the capacity of the OCXO test system and currently about 10 k / month. For Quartz Crystals and QCM sensors the production capacity is around 100 k / month.





The company is privately owned by 6 share holders: Majority share holder is the founder Guy Portnoff, also CEO and Chairman.
Full company name : Quartz Pro Sweden AB
VAT number : SE556594856801
Address : Veddestavägen 15, 175 62, Järfälla, Sweden
Phone number : +46 8 795 99 15